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neurons on silicon


Edinburgh University has developed a technique, which allows neurons to grow in fine, detailed patterns on the surface of tiny computer chips.

Cool stuff. I mean it’s really just at the very beginning, but the idea that we can control how human tissues grow over the same materials that we use to create our electronics is a huge step forward if we eventually want to be able to use electronics to help repair, replace and augment our own bodies.

I’ve been saying for years that I want a chip in my optic nerve that gives me a heads-up display without any of the focusing and perspective issues. It’s not there yet, but everything happens in baby steps.

on facebook

I got into a conversation with a friend on the way back from the airport and we were talking about the various social sites we use and wound  up spending most of our time discussing facebook.

He claimed that he found facebook more and more useful over time, while I found facebook less and less useful over time. After chatting for a while I managed to get my displeasure with facebook down to a few things and I think that while they are fixable, facebook is unlikely to fix them.

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